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  • IFRS 17 for Non-Life Insurers: A 360-Degree View of Implementation Challenges

    Download this free and exclusive report from InsuranceERM, sponsored by Moody's Analytics

  • Best practices for free capital generation

    What are the strongest drivers for future FCG? And what are the main risks that diminish this ability? How beneficial is the current and projected business and investment strategy from the perspective of FCG?

  • Link: Embracing the power of connected thinking

    A series of revolutionary innovations, from radar to lasers, solar cells to communications satellites, started at Bell Labs.

  • Capital preservation under stressed economic environments

    A best practice case study for insurance companies to strengthen the understanding of balance sheet dynamics with fast and accurate what-if analysis to weather any upcoming stress situation.

  • ESG gets physical: the role of real assets in creating a sustainable future

    Physical assets, particularly infrastructure and real estate, have a critical role to play in facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable economy and a greener world.

  • Fostering diversity and an inclusive culture

    Insurance companies must continue to build diverse workforces and create inclusive cultures. Patricia Renzi explains how real progress can be made by aggressively changing the culture and taking a multi-faceted approach

  • A better way to manage assets

    Adam Koursaris explains the principles behind a modern approach to portfolio management

  • IFRS 17: Nine steps to avoiding a reporting crisis

    Insurers are facing yet another change to their reporting processes with the introduction of new accounting standards. Richard Waller shares his tips on meeting the challenge

  • High velocity risk management

    A rapidly changing world produces rapidly emerging risks that can flummox even the most comprehensive of risk management frameworks. Neil Cantle proposes an approach to improving how insurers respond to today's threats...

  • IFRS 17 and the challenges ahead

    The new insurance contracts accounting standard brings a dramatic shift in accounting and actuarial practices, and insurers should be prepared for implementation challenges, as Kamran Foroughi explains