Capital management

Managing capital through the fog of Solvency II

Delays and doubts about Solvency II implementation have created fresh challenges for insurers in managing their capital. In part one of this InsuranceERM/Towers Watson roundtable, participants discussed how it can be an opportunity to do things better

Coping with competing views on capital setting

In the second part of the InsuranceERM/Towers Watson roundtable on capital management, participants discussed the impact of ICAS+, the Prudential Regulation Authority's view on internal models and the importance of rating agencies

Coping with the Solvency II delay

Insurers rue Solvency II's loss of momentum

Leaving aside the further setbacks to the timetable for Solvency II implementation, participants in the recent InsuranceERM/QlikView roundtable also expressed concern over the attitude of regulators to internal models and the likelihood that the industry would see no capital benefits from complying with the directive

Own Risk and Solvency Assessment

Is the ORSA the biggest challenge of Solvency II?

The frequency of the ORSA, its forward-looking nature, potential discrepancies between it and the SCR "" all these issues were discussed at an InsuranceERM/SAS roundtable where there was general agreement that, despite some key uncertainties, the ORSA is a valuable exercise

Weighing up the costs and benefits of the ORSA

Part two of last month's InsuranceERM/SAS roundtable on the own risk and solvency assessment (ORSA) focused on dry runs, keeping the ORSA up-to-date, the management/board role, data/technology and the value or otherwise of the whole exercise

The challenges of Solvency II

Extracting value from Solvency II: a roundtable discussion

The benefits vs the costs, risk appetite, the ORSA, strategic opportunities, diversification benefits. These were just some of the points covered by a group of risk and Solvency II experts during a lively discussion hosted by Deloitte and InsuranceERM

The challenges of Solvency II: a roundtable discussion

Data, the moving regulatory timetable, the IMAP, equivalence with the US and the lack of certainty on key points in the directive are among the challenges faced by re/insurers preparing for Solvency II. Plenty of food for thought and discussion at the roundtable of risk and Solvency II experts hosted by Deloitte and InsuranceERM

Preparing for Solvency II

Solvency II roundtable: how to use the "extra" year

Is the delay in full implementation of Solvency II a boon or a bugbear? What are the implications for the regulators, as well as the regulated? CROs and Solvency II experts debated these and other issues last month in an InsuranceERM roundtable, sponsored by SAS

Solvency II roundtable: embedding processes and live testing are benefits of "extra" year

Priming the board, the use test, the ORSA, "walking" the regulators through insurers' business and processes - these are some of the benefits of the delay in full implementation of Solvency II cited by the CROs and Solvency II experts who debated these issues in an InsuranceERM roundtable, sponsored by SAS