CoreLogic - RQE

Type of System

  • Catastrophe modelling
  • Operational risk management
  • Risk management
  • Solvency II solution
  • Portfolio analysis/hedging

Type of platform

  • Cloud
  • Server-based
  • Grid

Other features - the offering facilitates:

  • Curve-fitting
  • Least-squares Monte Carlo
  • Solvency II internal model

What are the typical implementation costs?

Costs are flexible and depend on the need, the delivery method of choice and other factors.

How long does your software take to implement on site?

This varies depending on the delivery method of choice.

Please name companies that use the system/solution

CoreLogic has over 450 insurance company clients including international clients


 A leader in evaluating risk, CoreLogic used 2017’s catastrophes to hone their modelling. Protect your portfolio with RQE.


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