Enterprise Risk Management Technology Guide 2023

Milliman - Curv

Type of System

  • Analytics
  • Group morbidity risk predictive modelling

Type of platform

  • SaaS
  • Web-based

How long does your software take to implement on site?

Determining the effort required to integrate with the Curv API is different for each client, but it generally happens quickly. Some clients have gone live with an integration within a month.

Please name companies that use the system/solution

Curv is widely adopted among group health insurance carriers across multiple markets, including:

  • Level-funded and self-funded
  • Associations and multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWA)
  • Professional employer organizations (PEOs)
  • Fully insured (with partially credible or no claims experience)
  • Captive

Carriers use the tool for predicting a group’s future claims costs, accurately quoting group health plans, and strategically underwriting blocks of business.

Curv is also used for assessing risk when underwriting group life and disability insurance, or for segmenting groups into risk tiers for targeted outreach related to risk adjustment or direct marketing.

Most recent significant update:

Curv was initially modeled on prescription histories and now includes medical claims data as an input to significantly heighten its predictive power. It also enables condition reporting to help health insurers better understand the group score and future claims risks. The new reporting feature flags high-risk and high-cost conditions for more nuanced insight into pockets of high or questionable morbidity.

The medical data addition creates compelling new advantages for stop-loss insurers who crave insight into a group’s potential for costly catastrophic claims. We can retool the model to isolate risk above a specified individual stop-loss threshold.

Planned future enhancements:

Curv will have expanded reporting to include risk drivers, distributions, and benchmarking. It will offer client the ability to customise reporting and outputs to fit their risk assessment needs.

How does your solution integrate with third-party systems or in-house systems?

The Curv API can be integrated into the client’s underwriting platform, or the client can simply log into the web app, upload and encrypt the group census, and submit the order. Results are returned via web service call, email, client-hosted SFTP site, Curv website, or a combination of these.

What is the key attribute of your product(s) that differentiates it from your competitors?

Curv is the only model on the market with patented technology. As the original predictive model for group health underwriting, it’s also the only model with a proven, decade-plus history of adoption and success. Milliman’s actuarial quality and clinical interpretation separate Curv from the pack of imitators.

The Curv model is trained on 14 million lives and uses clinically and actuarially relevant, real-time health data to predict morbidity. Carriers who have compared it to other models attest to its superior accuracy. And that accuracy is delivered in just minutes from a simple plan census, with no required HIPAA authorisation.


No claims history? No problem. Curv® fills in the gaps with highly accurate group health risk scoring and segmentation—in just minutes.


Name: Mike Bishop

Tel: +1 262 641 3556

Email: [email protected]