Enterprise Risk Management Technology Guide 2023/24

Ultimate Risk Solutions - Predictable Dynamics

Type of System

  • Asset/liability management
  • Climate risk management
  • Economic / risk scenario generator
  • Portfolio analysis/hedging
  • Stress testing

Type of platform

  • Cloud
  • Desktop-based
  • SaaS
  • Server-based

Other features - does your offering facilitate

  • Replicating portfolios
  • Solvency II internal model
  • Solvency II standard formula

What are the typical implementation costs?

Installation costs are typically free. Licensing costs depend on the macroeconomic scenarios and the scope of use. No specialised computer programming skills are needed to build, maintain, and enhance your models to assess financial impacts of macroeconomic scenarios. Predictable Dynamics scenarios can also be used on third party risk platforms. 

How long does your software take to implement on site?

Implementation duration is short. Datasets of all the macroeconomic variables are in a plug-and-play format. 

We have 20 years of experience in producing economic scenarios and building platforms for end-to-end enterprise risk management. We are in a unique position to help clients upgrade macroeconomic scenarios to calibrate risks quickly, consistently, and accurately.

Please name companies that use the system/solution

We have 70+ global market leading clients from insurers, reinsurers, and reinsurance brokers in 30+ countries as well as medium to smaller firms and consultancies. We would be pleased to introduce prospects to some of our clients during the final due diligence phases of their selection process.


Realistic scenarios of Predictable Dynamics emulate future states of the global economy to accurately measure macroeconomic risks

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