ISS Software GmbH - SOLVARA

Type of System

  • Analytics
  • Internal/external reporting
  • Solvency II solution
  • Stress testing

Type of platform

  • Desktop-based
  • Server-based

Other features - does your offering facilitate

Solvency II standard formula

What are the typical implementation costs?

License + Implementation + annual maintenance fees. Depending on the size of the entity and required functions. 

How long does your software take to implement on site?

Depending on the complexity and the required functions. Typical implementation project for Pillar 1 and Pillar 3 ranges from 10 man-days (small entity) to appr. 100 man-days (large groups).

Please name companies that use the system/solution

Over 300 clients in Germany, Austria and other European countries.


SOLVARA: Helping insurers to meet the evolving Solvency II requirements – continuously.


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