Asset intensive re/insurance and the US market


Asset intensive reinsurance has seen an explosion in volumes over the last few years as more US-based insurers transfer their liabilities offshore. This is leading to a redefinition of the local and international insurance markets. Join InsuranceERM and Morningstar DBRS for this webinar discussing the opportunities and challenges for those involved in this most topical of issues.



Michael Consedine
Executive Vice President, Head of US Government and Regulatory Relations, Athene
Nadja Dreff
Senior Vice President, Head of Canadian Insurance, Morningstar DBRS
Sarfraz Thind (Moderator)
International Editor, InsuranceERM
Thomas Dawson
Partner, McDermott Will & Emery
Thomas Sullivan
Sullivan Strategy and Advisory Services, LLC


How has the influence of private equity and alternative asset management changed the shape of the US insurance market?

Discussing the growth of asset intensive insurance and how this has helped domestic insurers open their balance sheets and shed unwanted risk

What kind of expertise can alternative and PE asset managers bring to the business of insurance? Where do the risks lie?

There has been a lot of offshoring of risk from the US to Bermuda. Where do you think this will lead?

Examining the regulatory oversight of asset intensive insurance, and in particular what US and Bermudian regulators may be proposing for PE/Alt AM-insurance?

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