Improving productivity, efficiency and reliability in actuarial modelling: which technology to choose?

18 June 2024, 2:00 PM BST

When building actuarial and financial models, there is a wide choice of solutions: Excel the easiest but limited/not secured, Python/C# the programming languages with lots of open sources packages available or vendor dedicated platforms (no code, low code or closed solutions).

Join InsuranceERM and Milliman for a webinar that will examine a range of issues and provide insight to help improve actuarial modelling.


Christopher Cundy (Moderator)
Managing Editor, InsuranceERM
Guy Brett-Robertson
Senior Systems Actuary, RGA
João Saraiva
Associate Professor, University of Minho
Pierre Miehe
Principal, Milliman


Which of the programming language is the fastest? To run? To code? What is the impact on the productivity of the modeller?

How to choose a platform/language that is appropriate for the task (complexity, scalability)?

Which platforms/languages are best positioned to take advantage from advances in AI/ML?

Ensuring security and governance around actuarial modelling calculations

Comparing the performance of different programming languages

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