The three waves of climate litigation - Surfing lessons for casualty insurers


The consequences from today's actions that cause harm to climate tomorrow will be covered on tomorrow's property insurance, and today's casualty insurance. This makes climate casualty an urgent problem for insurers.


Bob Reville
CEO, Praedicat
Christopher Cundy (Moderator)
Editor, InsuranceERM
Liz Henderson
Head of Climate Risk Advisory and Catastrophe Analytics, Aon Bob Reville, CEO, Praedicat
Rachel Delhaise
Head of Sustainability, Convex Insurance

Areas of discussion

There have been two waves of lawsuits over climate: 2004-2011, and 2016-today. Why did the first wave stop? What is happening in the second wave? Who is being sued and what are the causes of action? Is it likely to be successful?

Praedicat is predicting a third wave of climate liability which has already started but might be much bigger than the first two. What is this third wave? How is it different? Who will be sued? What is the role of litigation funding?

How can insurers prepare for the third wave of climate liability?

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