Europe: Solvency II status

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Solvency II timeline

"The archetype of what a rule-making process should not be like". This is how industry representatives typically refer to the drawn-out political negotiations around Solvency II – and with good reason. It took regulators almost 15 years to get the regulatory regime off the ground. This is a timeline…

The InsuranceERM guide to ESG producers

A review of economic scenario generators from Conning, Deloitte MCS, EVM-Tech, IBM Risk Analytics, Milliman, Moody's Analytics, Numerix, Prudential, Towers Watson and Ultimate Risk Solutions

Enterprise Risk Management Technology Guide 2018-19

InsuranceERM's exhaustive guide to the range of solutions for risk management, asset management and Solvency II - from risk and capital modelling software, to data, governance and reporting tools.