Actuaries urged to join the UK's fight against Covid-19

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Companies: Flood Re, PwC, Covid-19 actuaries response group

The Covid-19 actuaries response group is campaigning for volunteer actuaries “with the right skill sets” to support the UK during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The call to arms is being spearheaded by Flood Re’s chief actuary Gary McInally and PwC’s general insurance leader, Mohammad Khan.

Given the coronavirus is putting a huge strain on health agencies and other branches of government, McInally and Khan approached the Covid-19 actuaries response group to discuss how actuaries’ mathematical and statistical skills could be used.

McInally and Khan have since approached various UK government agencies to understand what volunteer actuaries could help with.

According to the pair, one example of their discussions includes supporting service provision experts with organising the logistics of plans, such as providing food, medicine and critical services to vulnerable citizens.

In the call to arms bulletin shared last night, McInally and Khan said: “What we are looking for are actuaries who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved in modelling and data analysis.

“Although we will need actuaries with deep modelling expertise, please do volunteer even if you don’t feel that you have the greatest modelling skills.”

They added: “This is a critical time for the UK, and from our discussions, we have the skill set to be able to support and help the UK in its time of need.”

Actuaries are being asked to volunteer at least 25% of their time.

If you would like to volunteer, email [email protected]

The Covid-19 actuaries’ response group was launched in early March to provide a forum for actuaries and other experts to learn how to respond to the current pandemic.

The group can be viewed here on LinkedIn.

Ronan McCaughey