4 October 2021

Europe and Bermuda insurer outsourcing report launched

Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities - Europe and Bermuda 2022Insurance Risk Data – InsuranceERM’s research and data arm – has launched a research report on investment outsourcing by insurers across Europe, including Switzerland and Bermuda.

The fourth annual report, Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities - Europe and Bermuda 2022, comprises in-depth details of about 2,300 outsourcing mandates in 2020 awarded by around 1,400 insurers to 520 asset managers.

Mandate details revealed in the report include fees, asset classes involved, volumes, changes in manager and whether the manager is affiliated or independent to the insurer.

The report also ranks for the first time all the EEA countries, plus the UK and Gibraltar, against each other by eight criteria that suggest an attractiveness to asset managers hunting for outsourcing work from insurers.

One chapter in the report is dedicated to analysing the investment allocations, and degrees of investment risk-taking by insurers in 10 EEA countries, segmented into five general account size bands. This reveals what share of the total basic solvency capital requirement the smallest German insurers, or the largest Italian insurers commit to investment risk.

Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities - Europe and Bermuda 2022 features a long chapter, with about 50 exhibits, dissecting the general account investments of insurers across the EEA, segmented by five general account size bands.

This facilitates more targeted benchmarking by CIOs, as well as helping asset managers to prepare better-informed discussions with prospects and existing clients. Each cohort’s investment pattern is shown in a chart and analysed in narrative. 

ESG investing and net-zero investing by insurers in Europe and Bermuda is another important theme covered in the study. This includes two chapters of in-depth interviews with named insurers in the UK and Continent, about how they apply net-zero ambitions to their general accounts, and what they expect when outsourcing net-zero investments.

A further chapter analyses what it takes to ‘do’ net zero for an insurer, and how it differs, sometimes significantly, from ESG.

Other valuable features of the report include:

  • Extensive lists of more than 500 investment professionals – CIOs, CFOs, investment committee/board members - at hundreds of insurers in the EEA, Switzerland and Bermuda
  • Details of ‘big picture’ trends in outsourcing
  • Investment plans of more than 100 named European insurers
  • Insight into what alternatives Bermudian insurers hold 

Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities - Europe and Bermuda 2022 is accompanied by a chartbook that contains all the exhibits in the research report, and data behind those exhibits.

Key findings from this report will be discussed in a free webinar on TODAY at 15.00 BST.

To register for the webinar, please click here. For further details about the report and a free sample, contact [email protected]