Be awarded for your "particular set of skills" by InsuranceERM in 2021

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InsuranceERM is on the hunt for the very best in insurance risk management, actuarial and risk modelling practices and technology providers to be recognised and championed at our annual UK & Europe 2021 awards.

The headline for this article references the action film Taken, where Liam Neeson’s character says he possesses a “very particular set of skills acquired over a very long career”.

And while we promise not to hunt you down, InsuranceERM’s 2021 awards are a great way to recognise the great work by insurance teams, companies, individuals and service providers in adapting and performing during the Covid-19 crisis, in what has been an exceptionally difficult year.

The deadline for award entries is Friday 11 December 2020.


This year’s awards feature 37 categories. In addition to the traditional risk and capital management prizes, there is an opportunity for technology providers innovating in climate risk to enter a new award, the climate risk management solution of the year.

The InsuranceERM 2021 UK & Europe awards represent a great way for re/insurers to thank and celebrate their teams for excelling during the Covid-19 pandemic in serving customers and ensuring operational resilience.

Entering an InsuranceERM award entry on behalf of your team, colleague, supplier or client shows how much you value their passion and very particular set of skills. It also shows you care. Self-nominations are also welcome.


Submit an entry or entries

To paraphrase the film Taken, InsuranceERM will look for you, we will find you and you will be awarded!


InsuranceERM 2021 award categories 



  • Risk team of the year
  • Actuarial team of the year
  • ALM team of the year
  • Cat risk team of the year
  • Modelling team of the year
  • Longevity/mortality team of the year


  • Re/insurer of the year 
  • Risk innovation of the year
  • Climate risk initiative of the year
  • *NEW* Corporate social responsibility initiative of the year
  • Diversity and inclusion excellence
  • Insurance asset manager of the year
  • Longevity risk transfer deal of the year
  • Risk consultancy of the year
  • Alternative capital dealmaker of the year (ILS/collateralised reinsurance)
  • Insurance law firm of the year


  • Chief risk officer of the year 
  • Chief actuary of the year 
  • Young risk/actuarial professional of the year 
  • Judges' Award for contributions to the industry


  • Actuarial modelling solution of the year
  • Analytics solution of the year
  • Best use of cloud technology
  • Digital transformation - insurtech solution of the year
  • Catastrophe risk modelling solution of the year
  • *NEW* Climate risk management solution of the year
  • Cyber risk solution of the year
  • Data solution of the year
  • End-user computing risk management solution of the year
  • ERM end-to-end solution of the year
  • ESG (Economic Scenario Generator) software of the year
  • IFRS 17 solution of the year
  • Operational risk solution of the year
  • Regulatory reporting software of the year
  • Reserving solution of the year
  • Solvency II solution of the year
  • Stress scenarios software of the year

Enter the InsuranceERM UK & Europe 2021 Awards by clicking here. You can also read our Ten steps on how to win an InsuranceERM Award.

Ronan McCaughey