Indonesia tsunami damage update from RMS

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At least 373 people have died and over 500 structures have been destroyed across large parts of Indonesia following Saturday’s large-scale tsunami.

Catastrophe risk modelling company RMS revealed the tsunami, which occurred during a full moon when tide levels were higher than normal, reportedly travelled 65ft inland in some locations after striking the coasts of Western Java and southern Sumatra.  

RMS added the Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung regencies are the worst affected with over 400 homes and nine hotels having been destroyed in the Pandeglang regency near the Banten province in western Java.

There are currently no reports of any significant damage to the capital city of Jakarta.

It is thought the tsunami was triggered by an undersea landslide following an eruption of the country’s Anak Krakatoa volcano. The tsunami was reportedly triggered 24 minutes after the eruption.

The volcano had been erupting since June and an exclusion zone around the island had been in place since July.  

In addition to the death toll, at least 1,459 people have also been injured in the tsunami with local authorities also expecting both tolls to rise.

Paul Walsh