Learn the best ways to assess the financial impacts of climate risk

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Companies: Markel Corporation, Willis Towers Watson, Wellington Management, Principles for Responsible Investment

Find meaningful ways to measure and assess the financial impacts of climate risk by attending the Insurance Risk & Capital Americas virtual conference next week.

The two-day event, taking place on 22nd and 23rd September, features three tracks covering the risk, investment, and environmental, social and governance (ESG)  factors most impacting insurers.

Attendees will gain insights from an expert panel on effective ways to measure the financial impacts of climate risk. These insights will include:

  • Best practice on the time horizons for modelling the impact of climate change at an actionable level
  • Thoughts on the best data and tools to use
  • Expertise on how to build up the necessary data
  • Clear opinions on what providers, rating agencies and external assistance can help insurers with climate risk measurement and modelling

The discussion will consider how the gap between natural catastrophe modelling and climate risk modelling can be bridged. 

Speakers from Markel Corporation, Willis Towers Watson, Wellington Management and Principles for Responsible Investment will also share how to best use climate-related stress testing and scenario analysis for business strategy.

Finally, the experts will share their thoughts on how to get risk and investment teams at insurers working cohesively on the best ways for assessing the financial impacts of climate risk.

Other topics that will also feature in next week's Americas conference include:

  • Grey swan risks facing insurers
  • Long-term risk implications from the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The right regulatory framework around climate risk and ESG
  • Post-pandemic investment strategies
  • The industry view on potential inflation risk

You can register for the conference and view the agenda by clicking HERE.

Ronan McCaughey