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InsuranceERM's IFRS 17 conference in London on 13 February is only one week away – and following the success of last year's event, attended by over 150 experts, next week's conference will be even better.

This year's event will take a deeper dive and provide practical tools and insights to help re/insurers implement IFRS 17 projects smoothly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

And given the principles-based nature of the standard, experts will advise how different interpretations and decisions at the design and implementation phase can impact re/insurers' initial balance sheets, future profit emergence and business operations.

Some of the key areas of discussion will include the impact of IFRS 17 on business steering; the interplay between IFRS 17 and IFRS 9; and engagement with external stakeholders.

International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) board member Darrel Scott, will open the conference with an update from the IASB.

This update comes as the IASB redeliberates almost a dozen further themes in a series of meetings in January and February. Though it describes them as "targeted amendments", some have the potential to create major repercussions for re/insurers.

The conference will also feature practical case studies to highlight experience gained in early IFRS 17 projects and Dutch insurer's ASR's approach to the IFRS 17 project.

In addition to rich content, the IFRS 17 conference will provide the opportunity to benchmark with peers and to work towards an industry alignment in the way firms interpret and implement the standard.

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Ronan McCaughey