Ten steps to help win an InsuranceERM Award

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InsuranceERM's Americas awards 2023 have launched and to help maximise your chances of winning in the awards, InsuranceERM's marketing director Tracey Huggett has put together some advice based on her years of experience running awards and reading the entries that come in.

We hope you find this useful - and best of luck with your entry!

(1)     You have to be in it to win it

It sounds obvious, but the only way to stand a chance of winning is to enter. Nobody knows what you have achieved better than you, so click on this link, create an account and complete the entry form. 

(2)     Be different

The entry form has two parts - the first part is the 200-word overview box, think of this as the "what box". Remember, the judges are reading other entries, so tell them what it is that makes your entry different and special.

(3)     Be specific

Please don’t supply reams of fluffy "marketing and promotional" information that talks about leading, cutting-edge gobbledygook. Be specific, be succinct and highlight what achievements should receive recognition.

For example, in the case of an individual: have they inspired change, implemented new processes, spearheaded new initiatives, driven innovation?

In the case of a company or team: are they setting trends, changing the role or influence of the risk and actuarial teams at their organisation, are they raising the industry benchmark?

For the technology providers: have new products been launched, have there been notable product enhancements or process improvements, has there been a growth in the number of new clients and systems implemented?

(4)     It doesn't stop there

To really impress the judges you should explain how the achievements were reached. This is where the 750-850 word detailed description box comes in. Think of this as the "How and Why box":

  • How is the individual driving innovation/change/best practice? Why are they doing this?
  • How is the company setting trends? Why is this important to them?
  • Why were new products launched? How have they been received by customers?  

(5)     What difference does it make?

All this "how" and "why" information is great but don’t forget to complement it with what the impact has been on the business, team, clients, staff, etc. Are there measurable outcomes?  

(6)     Dazzle with numbers

Can these measurable outcomes be summarised in numbers and percentages? The judges are risk and actuarial professionals so data generally goes down well! 

(7)     Know your audience

Speaking of judges, we are delighted that our judging panel have kindly agreed to read all the entries and cast their votes on who should receive an InsuranceERM Award. Please be mindful they do this in their own time, so grab their attention quickly and try to stick to the word counts.

(8)     It's not just you

Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate that others agree that your achievements are outstanding. 

(9)     People like people

Bring people into the entry - introduce the team, your clients, your leaders. 

(10)  Don’t miss the deadline

As you craft your entry, and enjoy taking stock of your success over the past 12 months, be sure not to miss the entry deadline: Friday 6 April.

  • Enter the awards by clicking HERE