• LDTI helping clarify VA hedging strategies despite comparison difficulties

    25 July 2023

    Rating agency Moody's analyses Q1 reports from four large variable annuity firms

  • AIA flags "significantly higher" net earnings under IFRS 9 and 17

    14 March 2023

    How hedging derivatives are treated largely the reason for CFO's prediction

  • EU insurers dash for cash as liquidity risks rise

    26 October 2022

    Eiopa seeks to calm nerves following UK gilts crisis

  • Gilts crash: a boon out of a crisis for insurers

    18 October 2022

    Another day, another UK financial market crash. But while it has gone wrong for British politics and pension funds, the current crisis may actually benefit insurers in the long run. Ronan McCaughey and Sarfraz Thind report

  • The UK gilts crisis: a worry, not a disaster, for insurers

    30 September 2022

    Plunging sterling and soaring gilt yields are buffeting insurers, but longer-term impacts of the government's disastrous "mini budget" are the real concerns, as Sarfraz Thind reports

  • Allianz GI barred from US after "massive fraudulent" Structured Alpha scheme

    17 May 2022

    Asset manager transfers $120bn assets to Voya IM, pays $6bn in fraud case

  • Low rates lead German insurers to use more derivatives

    03 May 2022

    Regulator reviews latest trends

  • Aegon carries on hedging to tame earnings volatility

    09 February 2022

    Analysts query plans to offload US variable annuity book

  • UK sets date to switch Solvency II curve to Sonia

    08 January 2021

    Move from Libor-based risk-free rate curve expected to have a marginal impact on solvency ratios

  • Supervisors should step up Libor transition work, IAIS warns

    09 July 2020

    A number of financial institutions are yet to start transition, research finds