• Volatility in mortality improvement is highest among poorer populations

    05 June 2023

    Mortality trends affected by economic conditions, Canada Life UK actuary says

  • Actuaries told mortality gap between men and women is lessening

    01 June 2023

    Mortality gap between the sexes is flattening, so actuaries are looking for other risk differentiators

  • Swiss Re identifies factors for next wave of mortality improvements

    22 May 2023

    The reinsurer explains mortality improvements have currently plateaued in many advanced markets

  • COMMENT: Hold back on underwriting bulk annuities... then what?

    03 May 2023

    The UK regulator's warning last week to "exercise moderation" has consequences beyond the insurance market

  • Pacific Life Re takes on £1.6bn longevity swap

    02 May 2023
  • UK regulator calls for restraint in bulk annuity market

    27 April 2023

    Charlotte Gerken warns of emerging risks in pension de-risking activity

  • PensionDanmark SFCR stress test ponders, 'what if all our customers became Japanese?'

    20 March 2023

    Another scenario involves crashing aircraft full of its policyholders

  • RGA updates equity impact from adopting LDTI

    03 February 2023

    Early US flu season hits the reinsurer's Q4 claims

  • Updated UK mortality projections model may cut months from life expectancy

    03 February 2023

    CMI set to incorporate some 2022 data in this year's model update

  • Abacus Life looks to expand life risk transfers for re/insurers

    03 February 2023

    Leader in US life settlements broadens remit in bid for growth