German actuaries warn of elevated mortality as climate change emerges

Heat stress more likely as global climate warms, says DAV


Covid-19 deaths still "a long way" from Spanish flu scenario

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German actuaries review the Review of Solvency II

Dissecting documents with a fine-tooth comb is natural for actuaries. After applying one to the European Commission's proposals for Solvency II reform, German Association of Actuaries board member Frank Schiller spoke to David Walker


DAV's Frank Schiller on the Solvency II review

Germany's actuarial association has some strong opinions on how the EU's regulation needs to be reformed - or left untouched - as board member Frank Schiller explains to David Walker


Capsicum Re hires AIG actuary for cyber pricing

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German actuaries cast doubt on health cover's future

Costs predicted to more than double for consumers


German actuaries tell Eiopa: "Stick to your remit"

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Michael Renz to chair AAE

Succeeds Malcom Campbell as chairman of European actuaries group


German life insurers to benefit from cut in maximum rate

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Dodd-Frank stirs federal action on insurance regulation

As speculation mounts that the Federal Insurance Office will soon release its report on modernising insurance regulation, Gloria Gonzalez investigates how it and the other corollaries of the Dodd-Frank reforms could redraw the US regulatory regime