Japan steps forward with ICS-based capital framework

Japan is midway through development of a new capital framework that takes its lead from the Insurance Capital Standard. This should make it a beacon for international prudential rules, as the FSA's Shigeru Ariizumi explains to Sarfraz Thind


Global capital requirement for climate risks is crucial for transition

Japanese regulator recommends framing global warming as "a time bomb" to spur action


Japan's insurers see improved results after pandemic

Premiums rise and losses fall as insurers profit from product sales and investments


Danish regulator demands valuation insights from life insurers

Finanstilsynet wants feedback from life industry by July


Alpha Insurance enters bankruptcy – thanks to lowest of risks

‘Counterparty default’ played minimum role in company’s solvency capital requirement


Jan Parner quits Danish regulator to join pension fund

Becoming head of actuarial office at ATP


Brexit shifts debate on Solvency II reforms

Many see Solvency II rules as a largely British export to Europe, but once the UK leaves the EU, the remaining member states are likely to take the directive in a new direction. Callum Tanner reports


Finnish insurers boast strong capital position

Average solvency for life insurers at 173%, non-life at 220%, says FSA


Stress-testing the red tape

Is the regulatory bureaucracy imposed on the London market damaging its ability to react in the aftermath of a major catastrophe? Christopher Cundy reports


Insurers spend more than €5m lobbying EU

Allianz, Axa, Prudential top spenders' list