• Vitality considers slimming down sustainability reports to drive disclosure impacts

    09 July 2024

    Chief sustainability officer Deepak Jobanputra emphasises balancing reporting burdens with benefits

  • Butch Bacani puts forward his five-year vision for climate transition plans

    09 July 2024

    Eventually a move to "hard regulation" will be needed, he says

  • Insurers need government and regulators to step up on nature, says UK TNFD engagement lead

    09 July 2024

    Current environment is not conducive for insurers to underwrite and invest with nature in mind

  • No concrete offerings for personal cyber insurance yet, but optimism brews

    26 June 2024

    The Association of British Insurers outlines findings from its cyber market research

  • FSB proposals on liquidity risk management represent best practice, say trade associations

    20 June 2024

    Insurance Europe and GFIA respond to consultation on margin and collateral calls

  • Labour Party pledges to "unleash full potential" of UK insurance sector

    18 June 2024

    Shadow city minister outlines strategic plan for insurers

  • Banning IBIP commissions in UK not as "catastrophic" as feared

    17 June 2024

    Risk consultant says ban increased qualification requirements in UK as Europe mulls its own change

  • Cut tax for health insurance, demands Reform UK's Nigel Farage

    14 June 2024

    UK can learn from French healthcare system, says Eurosceptic candidate

  • NHS cyber-attack: insurers reiterate need for cyber resilience

    07 June 2024
  • TNFD blossoms in Japan as insurers begin nature reporting journey

    05 June 2024

    Joshua Geer reports on how firms in Japan and beyond are approaching the task of disclosing nature-related risks and opportunities