• California regulator halts renewal of Consumer Watchdog's status as consumer representative

    18 July 2024

    Watchdog has hindered rate making process in California, say industry groups

  • State Farm seeking 50% homeowners rate rise in California

    03 July 2024

    Request raises questions about company's financial condition, says Ricardo Lara

  • Extreme heat cost California $7bn in last decade, says insurance department

    03 July 2024

    Peril is not well covered by insurance, according to CDI report

  • State Farm announces further pullback from California

    21 March 2024

    Move to halt further 72000 policies comes despite regulatory reforms

  • Lara addresses California's insurance emergency

    15 December 2023

    Will not be pressured by "entrenched groups seeking to defend a broken status quo"

  • Ricardo Lara instigates biggest insurance reform since Proposition 103 to fix California's crisis

    22 September 2023

    Watchdog group says plan will lead to soaring rates as seen in Florida

  • California Senators urge Ricardo Lara to fix state's insurance jam

    29 August 2023

    "Insurance industry is broken," Republicans tell California's insurance head

  • Storms like Hilary not main worry for California insurers, wildfires are, APCIA says

    25 August 2023

    California regulator is researching continued impact of climate change

  • Ricardo Lara says Californians are covered even as insurers flee the state

    07 June 2023

    Rate hike moratorium has seen State Farm and Allstate exit in recent times

  • Ricardo Lara re-elected California insurance head

    11 November 2022

    Other states see existing insurance commissioners hold onto posts