• War risk climbs to top current risk in annual SOA-CAS survey

    24 January 2024

    The peril had been ranked in third place during the previous year's survey

  • AI shoots up SOA/CAS emerging risk list

    31 July 2023

    "Disruptive technology" category emerges strongly in May survey

  • Financial volatility and climate top North American actuaries' risks lists

    13 January 2023

    CAS and SOA survey finds sharp drop in concern around pandemic

  • Covid-19 creates extra long-term duties for ERM teams

    18 August 2022

    The 15th Annual Survey of Emerging Risks spells out the top hazards for risk management teams

  • US P&C actuaries target racial bias in insurance pricing

    14 March 2022

    Casualty Actuarial Society outlines lessons learned from other financial sectors

  • US actuarial body reinstates consumer rate protection principles

    10 May 2021

    CAS's earlier move seen as fuelling discriminatory rate practices in the P&C business

  • Climate change tops North American emerging risk survey

    03 November 2020

    Pandemic will feature in next year's Joint Risk Management Section survey, says author

  • Extreme climate conditions reach new high, North American actuaries warn

    26 August 2020

    Heavy rainfall, sea level and extreme temperatures fuel the trend

  • Casualty Actuarial Society launches cyber risk exposures guide

    02 July 2020

    The guide is aimed at actuaries, insurance companies and those who price cyber risk

  • North American insurers "not well prepared" for negative rates

    24 March 2020

    Regulatory models also break down under negative rates, actuarial research finds