• UK will lag behind EU unless Solvency II reform gets radical

    10 December 2021

    The ABI's outgoing Huw Evans, shared his thoughts on Brexit, Solvency II and green investment

  • Questioning the value of IFRS 17

    02 July 2019

    Irish insurance chief risk officers have expressed scepticism about the benefits of IFRS 17 and fear the principles-based nature of the insurance accounting standard will hamper consistency. Ronan McCaughey explains

  • UK should have no influence on EU financial regulations say Green MEPs

    30 March 2017

    Sven Giegold concerned by Theresa May's call for joint management of regulatory framework

  • European Commission removes barriers to invest in securitisations

    10 October 2014

    Final version of delegated acts sees further reduction in capital charges

  • Delegated acts cut charges on infrastructure

    10 October 2014

    Commission adopts Solvency II level 2 text

  • Council presses Commission to reduce securitisation charges further

    03 October 2014

    Call for alignment of 'look-through' approach with banking directive

  • Hill says some EU financial rules may need changing

    30 September 2014

    Resolution framework for non-banks tops agenda of financial services commissioner

  • EU weighs up levy on insurers to fund Eiopa

    26 June 2014

    National contributions could be abolished