• The winners are revealed in InsuranceERM's 2021 Awards

    26 February 2021

    The awards recognise the best in the UK and Europe's insurance risk management sector

  • Cloud outsourcing comes down to earth

    25 January 2021

    Insurers are being pushed to better manage the operational risks arising from the use of cloud computing. There are some deep challenges involved, but regulations are arriving that might help, as Ronan McCaughey reports

  • ERM plays catchup on digital transformation

    29 October 2020

    Digital transformation has long been heralded as a game changer for the insurance business. However, its impact has mostly been confined to insurers' front-end processes - with risk and capital functions proving more challenging to digitalise. Ronan McCaughey explains

  • Get the inside track on LDTI

    17 September 2020

    It will be examined at the Insurance Risk & Capital Americas virtual conference on 22 September.

  • The cloud is a silver lining amid Covid-19

    16 September 2020

    Covid-19 has put to bed any doubts about the use of cloud technology for risk and capital management. The pandemic will also drive more sophisticated risk modelling, as Ronan McCaughey discusses in his review of key trends in the risk software markets

  • InsuranceERM's Technology Guide 2020-21 is launched and ready to use

    16 September 2020

    The directory covers over 100 products used by insurers for risk, capital and asset management

  • Winners of InsuranceERM Americas Awards 2020 unveiled

    24 June 2020

    The 20 awards recognise the very best in insurance risk management serving the Americas

  • FIS: LDTI delay would boost smaller insurers' transformation

    15 June 2020

    Insurers need to review continuity plans from Covid-19 disruptions, the firm says

  • Korean insurer adopts FIS Prophet for IFRS 17 and business integration

    12 June 2020

    FIS to help roll out IFRS 17 architecture for merged business

  • IFRS 17 to take effect in 2023

    17 March 2020

    IFRS 9 for insurers will also be further delayed to avoid mismatches