• NAIC meeting zeroes in on PE-insurance ownership

    20 March 2024

    Concerns on asset quality of new wave of PE-insurance businesses

  • BaFin's PE-ownership concerns nixed Viridium-Zurich deal

    30 January 2024

    Insurer says it remains committed to finding a solution for legacy portfolio sale

  • US annuity writers' lapse benefits outpace premium growth, finds AM Best

    23 January 2024

    New private equity and asset manager-backed insurers will fuel market competition

  • IMF takes a shot at private equity-backed insurers

    21 December 2023

    Contagion, illiquidity risk and regulatory arbitrage... the International Monetary Fund has this week raised concerns over PE-owned insurance and advised regulators to talk more about the risks. Sarfraz Thind reports

  • PE insurers are better insulated against risks than rest of industry, AM Best says

    12 December 2023

    Athene remains biggest PE-insurer as industry assets grew 15% last year

  • IMF urges Irish supervisor to focus on intra-group reinsurance

    12 July 2022

    International Monetary Fund investigation finds good progress since last inspection

  • UK should review systemic risks of Lloyd's and London market, says IMF

    11 April 2022

    Review of UK's financial sector finds problems with Solvency II review process

  • Prioritise low interest rates and climate change, IMF tells Hong Kong

    09 June 2021

    Insurers' stock prices more affected by climate change than other sectors

  • IMF risk alert for Austrian insurance sector

    03 February 2020

    The international body warns about the impact of the low interest rate environment

  • Scrutinise insurers' liquidity risk, IMF tells French regulator

    01 November 2019

    Analysis of a sample of SFCRs found no quantitative measures to address liquidity risk