• Historic cat loss data sends stark warning to Australian insurers

    14 September 2023

    Cat modelling firm Risk Frontiers calculate the present-day impact of past insurance catastrophes

  • Australian cyclone reinsurance pool avoids deluge of claims

    01 August 2023

    Only a handful of claims met by the ARPC in its first six months of coverage

  • Risk modellers reveal limits in ChatGPT test on Turkish earthquake analysis

    20 February 2023

    Chatbot calls 148-year old seismography "advanced"

  • Australian Q1 flood costs hit A$4.3bn

    01 June 2022

    IAG's Mark Leplastrier warns climate change's effects are "impacting communities now"

  • Australia reveals laws for property reinsurance pool

    06 December 2021

    Government will backstop natural catastrophe cover with A$10bn

  • Losses from Australian hailstorm rival Black Summer bushfires

    21 January 2021

    Cat loss modeller Perils puts costs for each at A$1.9bn

  • Insurance claims from Australia's catastrophic summer pass A$2bn

    24 January 2020

    Hail losses reach half the size of bushfire losses

  • Australian hailstorms cost insurers A$320m

    21 January 2020

    Insurance Council adds hail damage to nationwide fires as second concurrent catastrophe

  • Australian hailstorm costs estimate at up to US$130m

    02 December 2019

    Risk Frontiers warns of more to come in summer storms

  • Australia raises its game on wildfire loss models

    08 February 2019

    Ten years ago, Australia suffered one of its worst outbreaks of bushfires that burned 300,000 hectares and took 173 lives. David Walker reports on how wildfire modelling has developed to cope with this increasing threat