• War risk climbs to top current risk in annual SOA-CAS survey

    24 January 2024

    The peril had been ranked in third place during the previous year's survey

  • Society of Actuaries in Ireland names Brian Grimes as chief executive

    05 January 2024
  • AI shoots up SOA/CAS emerging risk list

    31 July 2023

    "Disruptive technology" category emerges strongly in May survey

  • SOA's future actuarial training will feature soft skills and judgement

    10 February 2023

    The SOA's Joe Wurzburger said creative thinking and innovation could be part of curriculum

  • SOA's actuarial training "discourages innovation and creativity"

    23 January 2023

    Surveyed actuaries said the qualification process "breeds a singular type of actuary"

  • Financial volatility and climate top North American actuaries' risks lists

    13 January 2023

    CAS and SOA survey finds sharp drop in concern around pandemic

  • Covid-19 creates extra long-term duties for ERM teams

    18 August 2022

    The 15th Annual Survey of Emerging Risks spells out the top hazards for risk management teams

  • Actuarial profession called out over lack of diversity

    13 December 2021

    An influential expert at US insurer Lincoln Financial Group shares his thoughts

  • Study shows impact of climate change on US inland flood risk

    01 December 2021

    Actuaries and AIR Worldwide forecast the effect of climate change on future US flood risk

  • How US life insurers are tackling LDTI challenges - free download

    12 November 2021

    InsuranceERM and Moody's Analytics special report on implementing the accounting standard