• Insurability of Australian property against flood risk starts unravelling

    24 July 2023

    Some insurers are becoming stricter about renewals for flood-risk homes

  • Viral load: how actuaries used democratised data to beat Covid-19

    13 July 2023

    The flood of public data on Covid-19 became a silver lining for actuaries amid the dark clouds of the pandemic, as David Walker reports

  • Insurance actuaries must be data gatekeepers and teachers, profession is told

    15 June 2023

    Actuaries have drawn positive and negative lessons from the 'data democratisation' during Covid

  • Australian life insurers arm up on the frontline of climate change

    13 February 2020

    Climate change is not just a worry for property and casualty insurers. In Australia, whose recent natural disasters are widely seen as harbingers of global warming, life and health firms recognise complacency is no option. David Walker reports

  • Dynamo Analytics expands to Nordic region

    20 August 2015

    Consultancy appoints regional director Lori Tan