• Matching adjustment becomes a battleground in UK's Solvency II consultation

    23 February 2021

    Respondents to the UK's consultation on the future of Solvency II have taken starkly opposing positions on the matching adjustment, with some arguing for liberalisation and others for scrapping it. Christopher Cundy reports

  • UK actuaries take another crack at equity-release mortgage valuation

    03 March 2020

    Valuation of equity-release mortgages (ERMs) is one of the most controversial topics in the UK actuarial community, and the latest update from the working party only makes a small step towards resolving the debate. Christopher Cundy reports

  • PRA sticks to its guns on ERM deferment rates

    27 September 2019

    Parameters for effective value test left unchanged from consultation proposal

  • FRC begins review into equity-release mortgage accounting

    05 September 2019

    Action follows Prudential Regulation Authority’s reforms on regulatory approach

  • Buckner and Dowd challenge equity-release mortgage valuations

    15 July 2019

    In-depth investigation argues for recalibration of assumptions and market-consistent approach

  • Rebel with a cause

    03 January 2019

    Former UK insurance regulator Dean Buckner has become an influential blogger with a big ambition: correcting the illogical and unethical aspects of financial markets supervision. He talks to Christopher Cundy about equity release mortgages, Solvency II and IFRS 17

  • IFoA under fire on equity-release mortgage valuation

    29 November 2018

    Second paper from Buckner and Dowd highlights role of actuarial body in promoting approach

  • Equity release mortgage lending "a scandal like Equitable Life"

    07 August 2018

    Durham University professor warns of major errors in insurers' valuation