• ECA 2024: Society needs "behavioural change" to close protection gaps, says Petra Hielkema

    06 June 2024

    And insurers can help enact such change, Eiopa's chair adds

  • Europeans don't buy natcat insurance due to high premiums and misconceptions

    01 March 2024

    Eiopa says action needs be taken to tackle demand-side barriers

  • Increasingly challenging for horizontal regulation to be future proof, says Eiopa chief

    14 December 2023

    Petra Hielkema was optimistic that sustainability regulation is starting to come together

  • EU finally nails Solvency II reforms - UPDATED

    14 December 2023

    Trilogue negotiations conclude with amendments to long-term guarantee package

  • Eiopa proposes four principles to prevent greenwashing in insurance

    12 December 2023

    EU authority opens consultation on sustainability claims and greenwashing

  • IR&C EMEA 2023: Solvency II "mandatory transition plan" rule isn't quite what seems - UPDATED

    06 December 2023

    Eiopa chair Petra Hielkema clarifies amendments made in trilogue negotiations

  • NZIA searches for purpose as it leaves collective target setting behind

    27 November 2023

    Net-Zero Insurance Alliance eyes broader coalition of partners, to help cement progress

  • Eiopa needs same powers as national supervisors, says Hielkema

    21 November 2023

    Cross-border failures are not being addressed quickly enough

  • Inflation continues to cast a shadow, says Eiopa Chief

    23 October 2023

    ECON committee also gives an update on Solvency II trilogues

  • Insurers must be part of the conversation on AI regulation, says Eiopa chief

    06 October 2023

    The FCA's chief data officer has also shared her perspective on the topic