• Cracks in the normal distribution challenge CROs

    09 October 2020

    Covid-19 is changing the way chief risk officers think and work. Eric Clapprood and David Sherwood talk to Sarfraz Thind about why CROs may need to focus on less extreme risks, and how they can adapt to the new normal

  • The cloud is a silver lining amid Covid-19

    16 September 2020

    Covid-19 has put to bed any doubts about the use of cloud technology for risk and capital management. The pandemic will also drive more sophisticated risk modelling, as Ronan McCaughey discusses in his review of key trends in the risk software markets

  • Value creation analysis finds an "enormous gap" between best and worst insurers

    14 August 2020

    BCG's analysis of value creation by insurers has found a massive gap between companies, much more so than in other industries. And the challenges posed by Covid-19 are putting extra pressure on the worst performers to respond. Christopher Cundy reports

  • Australia's life insurers in the emergency room

    12 August 2020

    David Walker reports on the suitability, reputational and distribution crises that are destroying the profitability of the country's life sector

  • Solvency II interest rate risk: a floor to cure the flaw

    31 July 2020

    Eiopa's stakeholder group has proposed an alternative solution to what it sees as a flawed proposal to reform the interest rate risk module. Christopher Cundy reports

  • Covid-19's consequences for solvency, stress and scenario testing

    23 July 2020

    What lessons have been learned from the solvency risks created by the pandemic? Three experts discuss with Christopher Cundy the reactions from insurers and supervisors, and the implications for future regulation

  • AIG Life's playbook for Covid-19

    09 July 2020

    Ruth Middleton, AIG Life's chief risk officer, and Debbie Bolton, chief underwriter and head of customer operations at the UK life insurer, tell Ronan McCaughey how the provider has adapted to Covid-19 and reveal their post-pandemic outlook

  • Argo Group's risk system lights a way through Covid-19

    28 April 2020

    Alex Hindson, chief risk officer of Argo Group, explains how the Bermuda-headquartered insurer is addressing the operational, investment and underwriting risks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Interview by Ronan McCaughey

  • UK regulators respond to parliament's Covid-19 insurance questions

    16 April 2020

    The possibility of a pandemic risk pool, alleged unfair treatment to customers and the current solvency situation of insurers were among the topics that MPs posed to the UK's top regulators in a grilling at the Treasury Committee. Paul Walsh reports

  • Generali Switzerland's three-phase approach to coping with Covid-19

    13 April 2020

    Giselle Lim, chief risk officer at Generali Switzerland, describes how the insurer is responding to the operational, capital markets and communication challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic