• Targeting reinsurance systemic risk

    23 October 2014

    All eyes are on the FSB's forthcoming update of G-SIIs, which is expected to include reinsurers for the first time. Marcus Alcock looks at who might be on the list and what the implications are for the market

  • The broad view

    21 October 2014

    Tom Wilson, CRO of Allianz, talks to Marcus Alcock about the need for supervisors to adapt as well, his difficulty with traditional insurance being deemed systemically relevant, and the trials and tribulations involved in submitting a trial IMAP which is over 100,000 pages long

  • Axa's de Mailly Nesle: CROs need to be controversial and constructive

    16 May 2014

    Chief risk officers should be the ones raising challenges in any decision-making process, says Axa's group CRO Alban de Mailly Nesle. But they also need to avoid being too negative, he tells Lorna Davies.

  • "No resentment" in Bermuda over Solvency II equivalence deal

    02 May 2014

    Bermuda Monetary Authority director for licensing and authorisations, Shelby Weldon, tells Christopher Cundy how the country's supervisory regime is taking account of changes in regulation globally - not just in the EU

  • World catching up with Europe on risk disclosure

    28 March 2014

    Guy Carpenter's latest study into ERM disclosures revealed insurers have made great leaps forward, with the most significant improvements among firms based outside Europe. The spectrum of risk metrics remains wide, but is becoming more consistent, the brokerage says.

  • ERM basics: Proxy techniques enable risk-based decision making

    08 January 2014

    Proxy techniques, such as least squares Monte Carlo, allow faster analysis of risks and for many insurers they have become essential tools for aiding decision making, as Brian Robinson explains

  • Solvency reform a priority for US regulators

    20 December 2013

    US insurance supervision is inefficient and inconsistent, according to the Federal Insurance Office, which has made its long-awaited recommendations for reform. Among its prime targets are solvency regulation, reserving and treatment of captives. Christopher Cundy reports

  • Technology Guide 2013-14: vendors react to Solvency II delays

    29 October 2013

    Both users and vendors of risk management systems have faced difficult decisions as a result of the further delay in Solvency II implementation. We look at the opportunities and problems created by this and issues such as: do faster systems have to be more complex, as well as more expensive, and will vendors offer more transparency into their models?

  • FSB widens scope of proposed resolution regime

    21 August 2013

    The Financial Stability Board's consultation on applying the key attributes of resolution regimes to non-banks implies an extension to the range of insurers under scrutiny, as well as to the powers available to supervisors, as InsuranceERM explains

  • Brazil awaits impact from market risk model

    16 August 2013

    Insurers in Brazil are awaiting the outcome of tests on a new model for calculating capital requirements for market risk - the latest step in the country's gradual move towards a Solvency II-style regime. Christopher Cundy reports