• Higher US SCS losses not a trend, but down to poor modelling, says KCC

    18 July 2024

    Active 2023 season was not an extreme outlier, says catastrophe modelling firm

  • Gen AI models inherently difficult to explain

    11 July 2024

    The technology is way beyond human brain, challenges notions of transparency and accountability, say IAIS panellists

  • State Farm seeking 50% homeowners rate rise in California

    03 July 2024

    Request raises questions about company's financial condition, says Ricardo Lara

  • BoE financial stability report highlights PE-insurer risks

    02 July 2024

    Insurers exposed to illiquid asset shocks as correlations grow

  • Stable solvency, liquidity and profitability for insurers in 2023, IAIS report finds

    01 July 2024

    But risks have risen on the back of illiquid asset exposure

  • Climate change not the biggest driver of insured natural catastrophe losses

    13 June 2024

    Forecasting impact of climate remains an inexact science, says Swiss Re's US head of property underwriting

  • Insurers not always honest in rate filing process, says California commissioner Lara

    10 June 2024

    Regulator is aiming to rebuild trust with insurers and solve insurance crisis

  • Hyperactive hurricane season predicted for North Atlantic this year

    08 April 2024

    Warmer seas and La Niña will prompt well above average hurricanes, TSR and CSU say

  • Asset offshoring presents transparency issues, says S&P

    22 March 2024

    Agency gives update on capital model review

  • Ten steps to help win an InsuranceERM Award

    05 March 2024