Insurers weighs up bank issues amid volatility challenges

US faces continued banking sector problems as Europe stabilises, Allianz finds


US P&C insurers record $26.5bn underwriting loss for 2022

Most due to auto lines and more severe cats


Credit Suisse bond holdings a concern for US insurers

A number of insurers have small size holdings in troubled bank


Insurers' bond exposure to SVB is limited but equity fallout might hurt

One insurer entity invested 325% of equities in the banking sector, AM Best finds


International regulations fail when they favour one market, says ex-Fed chief

Insurance rules stymied when politics get involved, US regulators say


Insurance regulators call for moderation on anti-fossil fuel policies

Need to look at climate change incrementally, says NAIC head


NAIC's CLO regulation proposals highlight fissures in market

Regulators met this week with no conclusive outcome


US auto insurers face difficult road to return to profitability

Fitch says there has been a sharp deterioration in the sector's performance in last two years